Data Entry, Resume, and the House of Horror

At work this week I’ve been doing nothing but data entry. It’s quite tedious and boring, but it’s nice to know what I’m doing everyday. We are finally seeing that we’ve made progress in the stack of paper, and it’s nice to visually appreciate that progress. We should actually be DONE by the middle of next week thank goodness.

I submitted a resume to Walgreens DC to work in their IT/computer room department. I think I’m qualified except for perhaps industry-specific software. Not to sound cocky, but I usually pick that stuff up pretty easily so I’m hoping they call. I made a follow-up call to a gentleman in their HR department, but only got his voicemail. I’m troubled in that I really would like to work there, but I also don’t want to come off as annoying or desparate.

The House of Horror is going well. The first and final thirds are progressing nicely. The middle third is not going as quickly, but we are still on schedule to be done and ready to roll by our deadline. JC is going to record our radio spots for us, or at least arrange to have them recorded. He’s been a great guiding hand in helping me with media and promotion.