My life – The Adventure Continues

Today at work was hectic. I didn’t know that going back to Customer Care would bring me down so much, but it has at an alarming rate. It’s not that I don’t like my co-workers, they’re great. Unfortunately the extreme demands of covering 4 positions at once is something I’ve become soft on in my year and a half of just doing 3 or so closely related tasks.

I’m sure I’ll re-adjust and all will be well for my remaining time, but it’s tough getting re-adjusted.

The House of Horror is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, my local Jaycees chapter may lose it’s charter. The state office says we’re out of time, and we are still struggling. Right now we have the oldest active charter in Illinois. I’d really hate to lose that, but it looks like we will.

I’m still waiting for Walgreens to call about an interview for their IT/Computer Room position. I called and the HR gentleman confirmed that they have not filled the position and would be letting everyone who submitted a resume know when it had been filled. I believe I’m qualified and could learn their system quickly, but I have to convince them of the same.