Vacation – Kinda

If I ever have to roof a house again it will be too soon. Granted, I’m horribly out of shape (unless you count round) and didn’t know what I was doing, but that was the hardest work ever. Yes, EVER.

Luckily Josh is pretty much in shape and knew what he was doing. He busted his butt to get it done between Saturday and Sunday. I’m so grateful to have friends that will come and do stuff if they have the time. He also did it for free. He didn’t really as I couldn’t let him work like a dog and then get nothing, but he would have done it without asking for anything.

Emily got her light brown roof out of the deal, so she’s happy. Thank God I picked the right color or I would have never heard the end of it.

Other than the roofing, my vacation was fairly relaxing. I did a little bit of PR for the House of Horror and spent some time with Emily during the first part of the week since she had a couple of days off too.

One sad note – Amaya decided to trim her hair AGAIN. That child just cannot leave her hair alone to grow.