Who turned on the A/C?

Right after we finished re-roofing the house a few weeks ago, the weather decided to get cool. It’s not unusual around here to have cool/warm/cool go back and forth, but it is odd to have it stay cool all at once. Gotta love the midwest and it’s climate changes.

It would be nice if the weather warmed back up during October for the House of Horror, but I’m not holding my breath. Last year we froze our tails off outside in the back. Thank goodness I’m in the front of the house this year and won’t have to worry about it. We have about 99% of our construction done. Most of what is left is minor painting and detail work. Now to make sure costumes are lined out…

I JUST got the phone call that my car is finally done being repaired. That’s what I get for having a car with about two inches of room to work in the front end. Luckily Richard noticed that the idle-pulley was worn out as well. I would have fallen over if I would’ve found that out a month down the road and had to have the car yanked apart again at a four hour minimum.