PayPal “can’t” release my money

I just called PP after getting my confirmation from the USPS that the package was delivered and signed-for by the buyer. Unfortunately, their “system is updating”. I’m really doubting that, but we have had issues here before and have been unable to help customers.

I was told to “call back later this afternoon” to see if they would be able to help me further.

In summary: PP has altered their TOS to freeze accounts as they see fit, PP refuses to let me access my money that is unrelated to this transaction, and now they can’t even release my money after I met their demands.

All in all, PP seems to be acting like they are the rulers of some financial country and make up rules as they go along and as they please. I used t recommend PP to everyone. There are layers of security in their policies and protection for buyers and sellers. It was a pretty nice little company.

Unfortunately, now PP has taken to altering their Terms of Service as they see fit to regulate commerce. I don’t think they have been sanctioned by the government to regulate commerce in any way. They are supposed to be a conduit for money, not regulating how you send it or receive it. Oh well, as soon as this debacle is over I’m heading right over to Google Checkout. Maybe they are better, maybe not, but at least they haven’t been as horrible as PayPal.