I dislike politicians. They are so fake. I certainly hope that with my running for city council I never become like them.

My goal going into this is to make a difference and represent the average person. We have enough people on the city council now (read: all of them) who cater to the religious right and are perfectly content not to draw any new employment to the city. So long as their pockets and businesses are doing well, they are not concerned about anything else. Except maybe getting re-elected.

For too long this city has not had any industry come to town. We are reduced to begging for jobs at the two living-wage paying jobs in town, and one of them even reduced their pay and increased insurance costs greatly. Tell me that’s not a sign of “we are the only game in town”.

Also, I’m trying to figure out where I can gain advertising dollars. I don’t care to have my name plastered everywhere, but some advertising is a fact of elections. You have to get your name and message out to the voters or you haven’t given them any information to vote for you. Unfortunately, this will all come directly from my pockets and they don’t run deep at all. The people in power all have money to draw from, whereas I am left pulling from my budget every penny I can squeeze so that this will at least be a decent campaign.