I need a vacation. All of this Christmas shopping and such is rough. We probably stress ourselves out more than anything by trying to compete with everyone else. Perhaps I should take next year off and just watch everyone scurry about.

Em got all of the shopping done for everyone. I’m glad because I haven’t had the time. Unfortunately, the item she wanted to get for her dad is on backorder. It can be up to 30 days before it ships. Oh well, he won’t mind I’m sure.

I’m so glad that my family will be meeting up at Grandpa’s on Christmas Eve. That will narrow us down to having to drive to Em’s grandma’s and her dad’s. I always despise Christmas because all it is for me is a day to drive to at least 3 locations. Pack the car 3 times, then get home late, unpack the car, and get the kids to bed. That doesn’t amount to much fun for dad.

The kids have a blast though, and that’s what makes it worth it.