MY meeting with the mayor

After the Jaycees got the photo and had finished talking to Mr. Keen, he asked me to wait around and chat with him. Of course, I did. Let me say that Dave is a very nice person and very positive to talk to in person.

One of the subjects we discussed was an item that had infuriated me previously – MVFD coming below Parks on the city’s budget. I will now have to eat crow and say that when I looked at the city’s budget, the MVFD was ~3x the amount of the parks budget. So on that point, I concede unless someone can show me evidence to the contrary. I still maintain that the MVFD was not treated fairly in a conflict with LAS last year, judging by conversations with several of the firemen.

The next major point that we covered was the growth, or lack thereof of the city. I will agree that the westward overpass and other street development will open up a lot of area for development and hopefully get the city moving. Unfortunately, until real employment shows up, I still have my doubts as to the ability of our current administration to guide the city.

I will be positive in these facts though: NAPA’s distribution center, Crossroads growth, and several other items that have been small but a positive impact on our city. I must say that the Mayor did shed some light for me on positive things that I had not had in the forefront of my mind.

Another thing that had bothered me recently was the landscaping where Broadway and Main split/join in front of Ford Square. I questioned the use of monies on such projects when the site was not some horrible eyesore. However, I was informed by Mr. Keen that the funds for that project, as well as the same sign near the interstate Hardees, were supplied by the state through a grant. That was a small irritance now put to rest.

Overall, I am glad I talked with the Mayor. I am glad he is open and willing to talk to anyone and show the positive potential and plans for our city. I am still watchful of the government, how it spends our money, how it treats us as citizens, and whether they do help us be successful or just talk a big talk.

Thanks for the chat, Dave.