Pray for the voting public

I am quite serious with the title of this post. There are a great many “coincidences” in the design, project managing, city council campaign donations, etc. that would lead one to presume not all is kosher with the school referendum and elections.

The web is pretty rampant with rumors, and I won’t propagate them. Take a look at either of the forums at the end of this post to find the facts that could lead to such questionable conclusions.

I do think we need improvements and rebuilding of our high school, but I also personally believe there is a lot of collusion and/or planning by some to ram this current plan up our tail-pipes.

Donations from busing services, construction companies, and other special interests? Council members failing to abstain from votes that directly affect their employer? Council refusing to ask Mount Vernon residents whether the city should prop-up the school district? No bidding process for anything? Only one architectural design considered? Project manager already hired?

Too many questions to be ignored. I hope that these are all coincidences, but I will be praying that all things come out as they should and that God will grant us the wisdom to discern wheat from chaff.

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