New Texas weapon law is what the nation needs

Texas’ governor has signed legislation that allows and extends the common sense right of people to protect themselves, especially in their homes.

It is too bad that Illinois is bent on protecting the “rights” of criminals. These pieces of garbage can break into my home and attempt to steal from me or harm my family, and I can only use reasonable force to stop them. Personally, I think anything is reasonable to stop someone passing beyond the LOCKED door of my home. There is no reasonable purpose for someone to bust their way through that situation.

To me, reasonable force would be equal with me shooting them. I mean, if they force themselves into my home, should I not be able to force them to stop the crime they are perpetrating or attempting to perpetrate?

Probably not in Illinois. Home defense? HA! Try letting the thief sue me for tripping over one of my children’s toys. No, I do not have precedent, just making a point using an outlandish example.