So relaxing

It has been very nice not worrying about anything political and being able to breathe for a few days. Just spending time with my kids and wonderful Mrs.

Got a new thumb-drive today. 4GB. I don’t really know what I’ll do with that much space, but I’m sure I’ll wind up filling it up with documents and such for the Jaycees, work, etc. Still waiting on the ring I ordered, but it has an expected wait of 4 weeks. Doesn’t change the fact I’d like it sooner. 🙂

Have I mentioned lately that my daughter says the funniest things? Generally I can count on at least one funny item each day. I’ll let you in on the one from Thursday of this week:

*Insert banter between Amaya and I while waiting for a train on IL-142*

Me: “Amaya, where do you think that train is going?”

(I’m expecting Chicago, STL, or just “to another city”)

Amaya (with a very serious tone): “That way, Daddy.”

When I looked in my rear-view mirror while laughing she was looking at me stone-cold serious and pointing the direction the train was going.

I couldn’t stop laughing the whole morning.