Dilbert is mocking blogs, but its right

This strip from the Dilbert comics page seems to be accurate in what executives think of blogs. To a lot of people, it is something to jump into and do just because it is hot at the moment. Unfortunately this is what I have witnessed more often than not in the blogosphere.

Don’t think that all blogs are bad and don’t do positive communication, a lot of them are great.

Bloggers have been around forever, they just were called “freelance reporters” or something similar. I am not saying all reporters are or should be bloggers, and most bloggers should NOT be reporters. However, there are definite similarities between reporters and bloggers. Some reporters are bloggers, and some bloggers are reporters, but one does not dictate the other automatically.

Blogging is simply an online outlet for your writing. It could be that you are reporting/commenting on news or your profession. Perhaps you are an executive and want to connect on a more personal level with your customers or employees.

Whatever your reason, blogging is an effective way to get your message out however you feel. Unfortunately this toon illustrates what so many executives do instead of actually using a blog to communicate. They have a person post some drivel and sign their name.

I’m new to this game as well, but I couldn’t imagine being so fake as making someone else imagine something to put on here.