Saint Louis Cardinals tickets

Does anyone know how to get some decent tickets to a Cardinals’ game, barring a miracle?

For most of my adult life I have been trying to get within 20 rows of the field (preferably infield). In the beginning, I pinned my hopes on winning a contest on the radio or something. Then, I realized that was like winning the lottery. I did manage to win some tickets to Holiday World though, that I gave away to some family that wanted to go there for a vacation.

That brings me to where I am now – married, great wife and kids, mortgage, bills, etc. I keep trying to find tickets everywhere, the way grown-ups do, with cash. Unfortunately, the wait for season tickets is outlandish. I’m sure that a some of them are owned by real people who waited their turn or got lucky and scored some good seats, but I’ve read/heard that most of them are owned by corporations. WTF?

Sure, companies need to entertain clients while in town, and maybe drop them on employees from time to time. Wasn’t baseball built on the average guy taking an afternoon off to go see a game with his buddies or his son? How fair is it to the millions of fans across the US to have no hope of seeing a game from closer than 200 feet? It is so bad, one needs binoculars to see what is actually happening.

I guess I could also jump on and find something on there. If I do that though, I run the risk of paying 100-400% more than their face value. I know, we are in a capitalist society and the dollar runs everything. I just wish that I could happen across some decent seats, take my family to a game, and be able to see the action from a decent perspective.

Yeah, I’m whining. Yeah, I’m almost 30 and wishing for good seats to a baseball game. I just love the game and my Cardinals. Perhaps someday I will be able to afford tickets from a scalper, catch BP, and take my son to a game that he’ll actually be able to see and enjoy. For now, I’ll keep going to a few games each year in the nosebleed section, cheer on my team, and enjoy as best I can from my seat.

Oh, and I’m still entering ticket contests like a madman.