The domain works correctly!

I now have a fully (and properly) working blog and classified ads section. There were minor bugs in both the blog and ads, but all have been ironed out and everything seems to be coming up rosy.

My blog has gone through a MAJOR growth spurt. I have been steadily gaining viewers, but last month was un-freaking-believable. In January I had about 450 readers. Im February I had about 650 unique readers. However, at the end of last month I had almost 1,150 unique readers. Granted, about 100 of them were probably 0-30 seconds, and maybe 50 of them were search engine spiders, but that’s still pretty impressive to me.

As a result of the major increase in traffic, I will be using RSS feeds through Feedburner to try and keep track of how many subscribers I have. Please, if you haven’t done so, subscribe to the RSS feed. Especially if you have Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. They both have built-in readers.

The classified ads section is very simple and blank at this point. I am putting it up as an experiment. It is 100% free to use, and pretty simple once you register. The ads must be approved by me, but I’m pretty lenient. About the only thing that will be censored is blatant spam. Otherwise, lets promote it and sell some stuff! It is there for the sole purpose of creating a local version of “craigslist” or an online version of the print paper’s classified section.

Please reply with any ideas or comments you may have. I’m still amazed at the unique visitors to the ole blog.