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Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-05-31

  • Watching Futurama. Guess I should go to bed. Tomorrow’s the last “real” day of work. #

It’s the last day of school, kids

Today is the last full day of work for most of us left from the old First Cellular. Jeff and Julie will be hanging around for a week or two, but this is it for the rest of us.

I am surprisingly sad. We have known that this day was coming for some time, and even knew it was today for the past 3 months or so. We aren’t angry or anything, but there is a general sad feeling around the office.

As much as there has been bickering now and then, everyone is going to miss everyone else. I’m sure by the end of the day all the girls will be crying and boo-hoo-ing all over the place.

Tomorrow, we come in for our report cards. Really, it will be for our “exit-interviews” and the handing out of final paperwork. I guess we have to do these silly exit-interviews since all the cool companies are doing them. Then, we go home for good.

Probably be done by 10.

Yikes, Google says I might be a bad person

I just went to Google and did a “vanity search” for my first and last name. I am the first two results, yay. Unfortunately, the next two results are for some guy with the same name in court dockets.

Today, I’m sure that any company doing research on a possible employee does at least a cursory Google search for them. It just makes sense when so much information is online and Google has arguably the most comprehensive search available.

I am actually concerned about these results coming up after a search for my name. What happens when/if a possible employer looks up my name and sees those entries?

Granted, the middle initial of this other Daniel is different from mine, but everyone might not notice that tidbit of information. All they may see is my name on a court docket in Missouri and move on to someone else.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about the results except hope anyone who may search for me gives some attention to middle initials.

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-05-30

  • Cards can’t catch a break. #
  • Got a fan today. Breeze-y. #
  • Wow. One more real day. It’s kinda sad really. #
  • Maybe the Cards can win tonight. #

Rape a child? Time to die.

Just read an article on Yahoo News about Louisiana’s Supreme Court upholding the death penalty for a man convicted of raping an 8-year-old girl.

At issue, from what I understand, is not whether he did the crime, but whether he can be sentenced to death or not. In my opinion he should be dead. Go ahead and call me a murderer if you want.

These horrible crimes against children have no justification or defense.  “But he didn’t kill anyone…” He didn’t? Did he/she not remove any innocence that child had? Did he/she not destroy that child’s life?

How about the recidivism rate? These evil people do the same or worse crimes once they are released from prison. Rehabilitation has been shown to be a joke in repeated studies.

The only tiny glimmer of hope is for a poor trial where someone is convicted falsely. I know it can happen, and that is horrible. However, when there is concrete evidence and/or witnesses, this animal needs to die.

Just my two cents worth.