Rape a child? Time to die.

Just read an article on Yahoo News about Louisiana’s Supreme Court upholding the death penalty for a man convicted of raping an 8-year-old girl.

At issue, from what I understand, is not whether he did the crime, but whether he can be sentenced to death or not. In my opinion he should be dead. Go ahead and call me a murderer if you want.

These horrible crimes against children have no justification or defense.  “But he didn’t kill anyone…” He didn’t? Did he/she not remove any innocence that child had? Did he/she not destroy that child’s life?

How about the recidivism rate? These evil people do the same or worse crimes once they are released from prison. Rehabilitation has been shown to be a joke in repeated studies.

The only tiny glimmer of hope is for a poor trial where someone is convicted falsely. I know it can happen, and that is horrible. However, when there is concrete evidence and/or witnesses, this animal needs to die.

Just my two cents worth.