Is Ted Buck a controlling jackass?

Early reports have it that he received a set of petitions at the county board meeting tonight with over 1,100 signatures and he didn’t give a rip.

Now, Teddy has seemed a bit heavy-handed at times, but I passed it off as biased reporting or maybe me just disagreeing with his decisions. Also, it is beginning to appear that he “has it in” for the local sheriff and/or the department.

How can he (if early reports are correct, I wasn’t present) pass off the will of 1100 people? Is he so full of himself that he plans to commit political suicide and ignore those who elected him?

Some people had told me he is an ass, but I had been holding my tongue for the most part since I don’t know him personally. Depending on how much truth there is to the news from the county board meeting, this will make or break him in my mind.