MillionRSS is a great idea

MillionRSS has a great goal of collecting RSS feeds and organizing them for the world to be able to search and find what they like by feed.

Yesterday I was a little ticked that they had been publishing full-articles from my site, but they replied and have politely removed the articles. They were even kind enough to leave a link to my site up when you search for my name. I assume this means I will still be in their search results. Awesome.

I also told Matt that I would be willing to help test any functionality and I would LOVE to have my feed indexed with a snippet or partial-article preview on their site. Like I said, they have a great idea, but readers need some reason to come to my site instead of just reading on MillionRSS.

Matt, please do let me know when/if you get preview functionality and I’ll help any way I can!