“Real ID does not create a national ID card.” – Janice Kephart, president of 9/11 Security Solutions

That quote was actually uttered by a person. Yes, that person DOES supposedly have some sort of idea what the act is and what it does create.

Apparently, this woman is the equivalent of a snail on an intellectual level. REAL ID is exactly a national ID card. It requires (among other things) date of birth, social security number, home address, and of course name. This information would then be shared with all states and various federal agencies.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a national ID card to me. Some states have passed legislation opposing REAL ID, but it may or may not do any good. At the very least, it shows the communists that came up with it that there is a decent amount of opposition to the act.

Even ignoring obvious privacy issues, this matter will cost billions of dollars. The only people who profit are the people who provide security services. Hmmm, wonder why Janice supports the measure. Can you imagine every state’s DMV re-processing ID cards for EVERYONE?

…even Homeland Security’s own Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee said this week that it could not endorse Real ID. – Cnet

That’s not a good sign. Homeland Security, who is in charge of creating the stipulations and requirements of the REAL ID act won’t even endorse the idea.