Thank you, everyone who is reading!

I would seriously like to thank all of you who are reading this blog. I know you’re out there, I can hear you breathing. (Actually, I can see your visits in the IP logs and hit counters.)

We are easily on pace to break the 2,000 unique-visitor mark this month, not including search engines. I have even heard from a few people in person how they like reading my blog. I’m getting a good feeling from all of this positive feedback, and I wanted to say thank you to you all.

RSS subscriptions are up, unique hits are up, repeat hits are up, viewed pages are up, and I’m hearing good feedback. My day is going pretty well. I would really appreciate if you would subscribe to the RSS feed if you repeat visit instead of using bookmarks. It isn’t that hard, and I know over 1/2 of you are using Firefox. Firefox has a built-in reader, just click on the radio icon on the right.

Thank you all again! Use the comments, talk to Dave, subscribe to the RSS feed, and have fun while you’re here!