The faucet is fixed, and I’m planning my next adventure

Yay! I finally got the last CPVC elbow I needed and squeezed under the cabinet to get the faucet glued into place. Now comes the 2 hour wait to see if it is watertight. About 1PM Central I get to turn the water back on and run to make sure there isn’t water spraying everywhere.

It will be nice to actually accomplish something instead of scouring the internet and classifieds looking for employment. I’m even kicking around the idea of taking out a small ad and doing freelance PC work. The only thing holding me back is the fact that once you work on a PC, the owner will expect you to come fix EVERYTHING that ever goes wrong for free.

When you call a plumber to fix your toilet, does he come back to fix the sink for free? Nope. Same for computer repair. How about when a mechanic changes your oil, does he then have to fix your transmission in a month when it goes out? Nope. Same for computer repair.

Moving on though… …I think I’ll replace the shower in the master bath next. It should just be a matter of replacing the shower lever and the surrounding enclosure. I hope.

After Emily wakes up, I’ll look at it closer. May as well get home repairs/projects out of the way while I have the time.

UPDATE: The pipes are not leaking. Go me.