Bridge collapse in MN

People wonder why I’m nervous crossing large bodies of water, but I think this incident explains my fears. Hundreds of people are on scene as I write this and working to find victims and help with any possible rescue. At this time there would likely not be any survivors left, however the wreckage must be searched.

It looks horrible and I couldn’t even imagine being on a bridge and it just falling. There is still possibility of people still being trapped on the “island” of the collapsed section that is in the middle of the river. There appears to be a semi-trailer, school bus, and several cars and people on that section in the middle.

The collapse occurred during rush-hour in the Twin Cities. At this time there are at least 6 people deceased and possibly 57 injured.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved from victim’s families to the emergency workers dealing with this horrible accident. God be with you all.