Welcome to the great Illinois November Holiday!

No, not Thanksgiving silly. That’s nationwide. I’m talking about that ritual that began preparation last month – Deer Shotgun-season.

Last month I was listening to the guys here talk about deer tracking, rubs, and techniques. I thought the season was already underway. I was wrong. These guys were just preparing for that yearly feat.

In high school the first day of the season was always marked by extreme absences. Back then I thought it was just another reason for the guys to miss school.

Today was the opening of the first shotgun-season.  Again, I notice high absenteeism, but this is a real job, not just high school. Grown men are using their vacation and/or sick time to go sit in a tree, in the wee hours of the morning, in the cold, motionless, just to possibly see a deer and gun it down.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against hunting. It just isn’t for me. Being cold, tired, and cramped doesn’t appeal to me a whole lot. Kudos to the guys who do it, they are very dedicated.

I wish all you guys the best. Be safe and get a big buck for me.