Jaycees Rummage

Well, the Jaycees rummage last weekend went well. Everyone (including some from the community) donated many items to sell. In fact, there were so many items that we have a lot left.

The purpose of this sale was to raise funds for Jaden who had surgery recently for a brain tumor, and the Hall family of Walnut Hill who lost everything in a fire this month. After the preliminary tallies were completed it appears we raised about $300/each for them. It’s not what our hearts would like to give, but it is more that will hopefully help both families.

We are kicking around the idea of a $2/bag sale this Saturday to clean out what is left. That way people in need should be able to get clothing, etc. if they need, and we get to clean out what is left (hopefully) quickly.

Please keep the Halls and Jaden in your prayers.