PC-BSD 1.5

I just upgraded my PC-BSD install to 1.5. Apparently the upgrade broke my wireless again.

Thankfully, I fixed it in 5 minutes versus the hours it took to configure the first time. This time I ran a script and double-checked the settings. Once I rebooted, all was well.

I have to say that I’m still ‘blah’ about the apparent lack of programs in PBI format to install, but their site was down that holds the programs. I’m still reserving judgment.

The interface is stunning compared to Win or even Linux. The old laptop’s display is amazingly bright and clear. The nVidia driver was installed simply by my selecting it and confirming that it worked.

The few things keeping me from jumping to BSD and leaving Linux are my wireless, more programs, and the sound buttons on the laptop not working. Yes, I know the volume and mute buttons are silly things to base a change on, but I use them when listening to podcasts.

I’ll keep playing.