PCBSD, well…

PCBSD is a very slick interface. The install is pretty simple and straightforward. You pick your partition to install, set the bootloader choice, and any extra programs you may want.

To be honest, it was much simpler than I had been led to believe.  Fortunately, my personal favorite desktop is the default (KDE).

Once I spent 3 hours researching how to set up my wireless card, after manually setting my wired network (DHCP did not work properly), it seems to be a decent desktop. There are programs that most anyone should need, if they are only surfing, sending email, and maybe some light office work.

I know I’m only at the beginning of my BSD road, but there are very few programs available in the repository (PBI downloads). Perhaps I’m missing some magical site or program, but there are only the most basic of downloads available. OpenOffice, Firefox, and Thunderbird are the best known programs available, and also are about all there is to get.

I’m going to keep hacking and thrashing my way through the growing pains. More information to come, but I advise everyone but the VERY adventurous to wait for BSD.