Protect your WiFi – Strange commercial

I just saw a commercial whose tag was “Report Internet theft anonymously.”

Wow, there are so many things wrong with that statement I don’t know where to begin. One issue raised by the commercial is ‘How do you steal the Internet?’ The Internet cannot be stolen. Internet defined by AT&T – “The globally interconnected collection of IP protocol based networks.”

I mean, you could theoretically steal the servers that house the documents and media reached via the WWW, but this commercial is just trying to scare people.

What happens when Bobby beats Timmy at their next game? Can Timmy tell the “Internet Police” that Bobby is using his families’ WiFi and get them in trouble?

Yes, you can look at your access point and tell what MAC addresses are connected, but those are easily spoofed.

Just a couple of points about how horrible this commercial is and what kind of crap it could start.