Earthquakes and Aftershocks, oh my!

Well, as everyone is probably aware by now, Southern Illinois had a nifty little 5.2 earthquake. Em and I woke up at 4:30 to our bedroom window vibrating. I sat up, listened for a tornado, then for the dryer, and finally realized it was an earthquake.

The shaking stopped, then a tiny tremor a few seconds later. I waited a little bit, walked through the house, and then went back to bed. Of course I wasn’t 100% sure about the earthquake judgment until this morning when news outlets were confirming that fact.

Later on at about 10:30, there was another quake that shook our home. I did not personally feel it as I was in the car on my way back from school.

Em sent me a text and said that it shook the whole house. The United States Geological Society refers to the second as an aftershock, but it hit our house more severely than the original. Maybe it was just ‘tuned’ so that it affected us more than the first quake. Guess we’ll never know.