John Malkovich is back

As you may or may not be aware, John is from down south of the ‘Vern – Benton/Christopher. Apparently, he is visiting from his home in France. I would guess that he’s here to see family, but that’s just a guess.

I have heard reports from people that he is very polite and considerate when in public. Of course, I’ve also heard that he’s a narcissistic jerk who denies ever having been to Southern Illinois. Most likely, you and I will never know, but I prefer to go with the nice guy assumption until proven otherwise. Everyone has a bad day from time to time, and maybe he was having one when the people with a bad experience ran into him. Even more likely is that the person was rude and interrupted dinner, family time, or was plain rude and John let them know so.

It would be nice to meet him and ask for an autograph I think. The man has done amazing work (I’ve only seen a few of his films) and he has several awards and nominations. Particularly I’m partial because he was a kid from southern Illinois like most people around here, including myself.

“I’m very much a typical Midwesterner, and I don’t think the condition is curable.” – John Malkovich