“Verizon just bought Alltel…”

“…here we go again.”

That was the text from one of my friends from the First Cellular of Southern Illinois/Alltel buyout that remains with Alltel. I don’t blame her. Going through one purchase was bad enough when the coordination was just within a local company. I cannot imagine how horrible this buyout will be on such a massive scale.

I also cannot imagine how Verizon will divide up all of the double licenses it will own when this deal goes through. By FCC rules (and monopoly prevention), no single carrier can own two licenses in one area. Verizon already owns the B-side in this area, and will own the A-side as well with this buyout. Someone stands to make a mint picking up these double-licensed areas since they will have to be sold off.

A local Arkansas paper is the only one I can find with coverage right now, but I’m sure it will get mentioned on the 5 o’clock news tonight.

I don’t see how we can be down to 3 cellular carriers in the US and the government let this purchase go through. I mean, there is virtually no competition. At least Alltel was making some innovative plan options available (My Circle). Now we will be stuck with whatever the Big 3 say we can have. Pretty soon it will be a monopoly like the landlines are now with AT&T.