Thank you, patient viewers

I just wanted to make a short note to thank everyone who has put up with my design changes, experiment(s) with advertisements, and sometimes lacking new content.

As of late, I have decided that the theme you see now will likely stay for quite a long time, with no ads planned for any time soon. I have been trying to come up with new content daily during the week, but sometimes I don’t feel the inspiration from any news or topics to write about. Perhaps that is the biggest benefit of a nothing blog – no content is okay sometimes.

Finally, I would like to let everyone know how our stats are holding up…

Over the last two months we have been exceeding 1,300 unique visitors per month. The daily average is over 130/day for the last 45 days. RSS subscribers have been holding steady at about 30/day.

These stats would be awful for a large name like or, but for me these stats suit me just fine. I have viewers outside of just family, roughly 10% of the population of Mount Vernon monthly. Since my target is mostly a local audience with some tech/paranoia thrown in, I’d say I’m doing quite well.

So, in conclusion, thanks to you all who have stuck with me, and welcome to those of you pushing our numbers up.