Wall-E Review

Pixar generally turns out good movies. Some have even been stellar, such as Toy Story. When I went to see Wall-E, I was afraid that they would again put out a good movie, but nothing truly imaginative and spectacular.

I was wrong.

Wall-E is absolutely the best thing to be put out from Pixar since the original Toy Story. I won’t spoil it by giving details. The main character, Wall-E, draws you into his world within the first 10 minutes, and takes you on a roller coaster adventure from there on out. The truly amazing fact about this, is that all of the drama and character interaction is done with almost no dialogue.

There is love, rejection, deception, betrayal, and even a social commentary on how lazy and wasteful we are as a country and world. This movie is absolutely one to see on the big screen. Don’t wait for it to come to DVD, even if you don’t have kids you will have a great time.