Full Weekend Ahead

Tonight will be the opening of the 2008 Mount Vernon Jaycees’ House of Horror at 7PM. We’re going to be open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the rest of the month. The last week we’ll be open the 29th – 31st.

In addition, Erich’s team will be playing for the flag-football championship this Saturday at 10AM. That will only last an hour or so. As soon as the game is over, I will have to head to the Granada for the Southern Illinois Harvest Festival‘s Guitar Hero Tournament. That will last for a couple of hours and then maybe a short breather before heading back to the HoH.

Sunday should be pretty calm with just the House of Horror at night.

Tonight we will have the WDML Rockin’ Rhino broadcasting live from the House of Horror. That is always a good time with Dave Lister coming out to hang with us.

Hopefully Emily can handle the stress with me being gone, and hopefully I don’t have to be there too much on Sundays.