My ‘bucket’ list – aka What I want to do list

Now that I’ve finally seen the movie (see previous post), I have decided to make my own list. Because I can, that’s why.

  • Spend a week on white sand doing nothing
  • Watch Cardinal’s batting practice from the lower level and get an autograph or two
  • Visit California, Ireland, and Germany (Mexico is optional)
  • Raise my children well
  • Play with my grandchildren
  • Learn to swim
  • Leave a mark somewhere
  • Own a Pink’ suit (no, not the color)
  • Take a cruise
  • Pay an outrageous price for a meal
  • Watch a sunrise and sunset over the ocean – 2011 with Em and the kids in Florida
  • Visit New York, NY
  • Play
  • Complete a college degree – Completed 2009 and 2013
  • Save a life