A load of nothing, and I loved it

Today started out as a decent day – got to sleep in, kids at Jennifer’s. Then as I was getting out of the shower, Jennifer called and asked if I would run to get something for mom and dad (today is their anniversary). Unfortunately, the trip would take me 30 miles north, and the business closed in 30 minutes.

To say the least I was in a hurry. I raced out of the house and zipped up there. Luckily, I made it in time (don’t ask how fast I drove, I would hate to incriminate myself).

Then I took my time driving back. It’s amazing how much you can miss until you take the time to look around.

Picked up the kids and then we went to Kroger for a spot of shopping. We managed a few groceries before picking out valentine cards and making our way home.

All things considered, I didn’t do much but drive a lot. Still I have to say it was a great day.