Another go-round

Had a chat this morning about another possible position. To be honest, this was probably the most nerve-wracking one to date. Partially because I know one employee, and am acquainted with one of the interviewers from my time with First Cellular.

The actual interview was formal, but laid back. There were a lot of questions and explaining of the position, but it was more conversational than the usual strict question and answer session. Overall the position sounds like hard work and some learning, but nothing that I shouldn’t pick up very quickly. My current diet of many different jobs should have me ready to roll with the many different facets of the position.

Working at this position sounds like it satisfies my desires: stay local, make a decent wage, and enjoy where I work. I know those are simple goals, however they are really what my dream job consists of in my mind. Raise my family, pay my bills, and enjoy life. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for from my time on earth.

I guess we will see how things go, but I’m extremely nervous and hopeful that this position is offered to me.