Wow, talk about abandoned…

I started this thing with the best of intentions, but it’s more or less a graveyard for my Twitter summaries now. Once my last semester is over, I still have hope to get going again. Of course, doesn’t everyone say that right before the blog dies?

Still, things are extremely hectic in our lives right now. Barely paying bills, Em working overnights and going to school, me writing for the paper and still with EDG and school full time. I know it just sounds like whining, but it’s not.

I’m enjoying my school time and work, just would be nice to have some more hours in the day. I remember making fun of old people when they said that. Here I am saying it and meaning it. How times change.

When did this whole responsible, grown up, busy flip come about? Somewhere between marriage, kids, and home ownership I think.

On the plus side of things, I found someone who seems to be successful in the geek world online (that’s a string of words, huh?) from up in Centralia. Go check her out at for more information. She seems really laid back and nice.