Sick in nice weather – Part eleventy5

It seems to never fail. When the weather changes, usually for the good, the kids and I get sick. Naturally, that will fall to Emily as well since she is around us all the time. It can’t happen when there is snow on the ground, nor when it’s raining like it was for the past week. During those times, we could at least comatose on cold drugs and just sleep through it.

No, this has to happen when the kids should be at school and the weather is gorgeous outside. I should be out there mowing down my yard, but I’m posting this and enduring calls for more juice and ‘Daddy, my head hurtsssss…’

It’s a bunch of crap. Stupid illnesses always getting in the way of fun and outdoor activity. At least we did get to enjoy the zoo Monday before this plague kicked-in. I know I already posted about it, but it was fun to get out of town and spend some time together.

Well, enough whining about bad-illness-timing. I’m off to fetch more juice and take some antibiotics. I’m a wild man, sir. I’ll try to keep the noise down.