Spammy, spammy

Lately my blog has been getting hit hard by spam. I have some awesome plugins that don’t let any of it through, but I still see it from the administrative side. I suppose that a lot is relative though. There are only 5-10 per day, but my unique visitors are only about 60/day plus 50 or so via RSS.

That equate to about 10% of my traffic spamming me. If the rate is that high for my piddly personal site, I would hate to see how horrible the spam ratio is on a top site like Slashdot, Geek Brief, or anyone else with high traffic. Their moderators must have a full time job doing nothing but cleaning up the crap that gets through.

Are people actually careless enough to let any of this junk through on their sites? Worse yet, are people stupid enough to click on the links from any of the spam that does get through?

Personally, I hope not . Unfortunately I suppose if you have enough links out there, then someone will eventually click on something. The law of averages says that someone, somewhere, will click it. Even if it is just an accident.

In the mean time, be careful where you click and be safe out there.