2009-08-15 Twitter Digest

  • I hate mowing the yard in bits, but it's hot and humid out there. #
  • Watching Aliens. I want to sit down and watch the first 3 back to front. #
  • Mah back hurts. Must have slept wrong. #
  • http://bit.ly/19rIF0
    What do you know? Sounds like where I'm at now. #
  • Tired. Nothing witty, nothing exciting, nothing at all really. I'm ust tired. #
  • Opportunity in Robinson keeps getting better, save for the distance from Em and the kids. #
  • Waiting has to be the worst part. #
  • Wouldn't it be nice to have a part in this, @weirdalrules ? http://tinyurl.com/n45fc6 #
  • Well, I'm one of two candidates. Phone interview tomorrow morning and if positive, a real interview Friday. #
  • I'm excited to see the ruining of a classic movie. #halloween #
  • So little tweeting do I do. #
  • So few tweets lately. Running around prepping for possible new job takes a lot. #
  • Watching meteorites with Amaya. #
  • Interview at 930am tomorrow in Robinson. Definitely thinking go tonight and stay at a hotel. #
  • RIP, Les. #
  • Wow, this just climbed up to Digg's top stories, and it's true. I've been victim of all 5. http://tinyurl.com/nx9w7m #
  • I think I'm packed for my overnight trip. #
  • Yay, I'm in… Robinson. #
  • Up too late the night before an interview, but I'm nervous as can be. Stupid possible-life-changing-events. #
  • Up and ready to face the day. Or am I? #
  • Dressed and pressed. Time to grab a cup of coffee and get interview-y with it. #
  • Good interview. Very nice people. #
  • Marathon seems like a dream job. #
  • More waiting. Apparently they don't want to go with only one interviewee (me). They like me, just want to interview more. #
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