Daniel’s Tweets for 2009-09-03

  • Daniel's Tweets for 2009-09-02 ~ http://ping.fm/aEKt6 #
  • RT: @eddieizzard: Sponsor if you can, just £5 could pay for a sick street child in Tanzania to visit a doctor. http://bit.ly/rKdep – Go EI! #
  • Laundry and home cleaning. Dear Lord, I really want to go to work. #
  • About time to deliver 'nut-free' cupcakes to Erich's class. WM is the only place that has any locally. #
  • Delivered cupcakes to Erich's class. Kids were polite, chatted with his teacher. I like her and her methods. #
  • Time to go fetch the chillens. Erich is easy to please for birthday dinner – Shake n' Bake chicken, potatoes, and corn. Simple kid. #
  • Two hours-ish until Jaycees meeting. #
  • RT: @mtvjaycees: Only an hour until our general membership meeting. We welcome visitors, including the general public! #