Daniel’s Tweets for 2009-09-25

  • Daniel's Tweets for 2009-09-24 ~ http://ping.fm/G6U7B #
  • Is it wrong to hope a stranger does poorly in an interview because you really want and need the job? #
  • How does one report spammers on the glorious Twitter? Mentioned job and just got @ by four in two seconds. #
  • And there's another one. I wonder how many times I can be spam @'ed by mentioning job. #job #spam #search #
  • Not a bad day at all. At least for me. #
  • 'Secrets of the Freemasons' on @Discovery tonight. Skeptical, but I'll be watching. http://ping.fm/Yglsu #
  • ffs. The @Discovery special is just a repeat. #
  • I just discovered TIME magazine on Google books. The articles are cool, but the ads from the 50's are priceless. #historydork #