2010-12-11 Twitter Digest

  • Cards are making some moves. Will they make a difference? #
  • Let's go Detroit. #
  • Does Chicago have an offensive line? #
  • Complete season of The Walking Dead on AMC. #
  • Thanks, Staples store 0859 in Mount Vernon, IL! I just entered @StaplesTweets #BetheEnvy laptop/printer giveaway! http://bit.ly/bapq6t #
  • Severely disappointed in The Walking Dead finale. #
  • I got a feelin'… #
  • New Eureka and Warehouse 13 in 30 minutes on SyFy (still a dumb name change). #
  • I miss the 'Unplugged' series of concerts. Some good music from those shows. #
  • Can anyone tell me where to find the Hate Love 1/2 sweater from last night's Warehouse 13? Christmas cookie to anyone who finds it. #
  • Another trip to STL for work. Bring on the Peruvian food. #
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