2011-01-15 Twitter Digest

  • Eating with Erich @17thstreetbbq. Great father son time, and maybe take out for mom and sis. #
  • So apparently my evening will be spent with asian food. At least the friends we're meeting are awesome. #
  • Did Randall just call Mr. Dante a… #
  • Wednesday, that day before we can look forward to the weekend. #
  • If you sleep past sunrise, you're wasting daylight, but if your eyes aren't open does it matter? #
  • RT @PCMag How to Be a Jerk on Twitter http://bit.ly/fhJjYj #
  • So, the email conversion has gone quite smooth. #
  • Enjoying the @twit CES episode. #
  • I need the weekend to recover. This email switch was tiring. #