2011-02-12 Twitter Digest

  • No finger pointing: Some IT professionals deploy technologies that do more to consolidate their own power than to help the business. #
  • Puppy Bowl, FTW. #
  • I wonder if anything will get forced in tonight's game. #
  • Let's go PackersS #
  • Er, let's go Packers! #
  • Score! #
  • Hell yes! Go cheese! #
  • Damn. I knew the lead was too good to be true. #
  • Driving around with equipment worth my yearly salary in the backseat makes me nervous. #
  • Soon to drive to STL. I'm a bloody courier now. #
  • They should call the quad-steak burrito the no-steak burrito. #
  • Mmmm, whipping boy. #
  • I'm walking on sunshine. #
  • Finally home. Construction on the IL side of 40 sucks. #
  • Back to the Future on BR has enough special features to keep you busy for a week. #
  • Is there some holiday today that I'm unaware of? #
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