2011-02-26 Twitter Digest

  • About to watch some funny in Breese. Yeah, Breese. #
  • So much nice weather. Soon I will curse mowing my yard. Today, I seed it. #
  • So much technology, so little time. #
  • tweet #
  • Yes, Queen, they do. #
  • So, don't change the bargaining rules – allow the government to dump the union if no agreement. #
  • How to Be a Jerk in E-mail | PCMag.com http://ping.fm/vH6LB #
  • Who to be worried about more the Chinese or Anonymous? – What do you think? http://ping.fm/Z7dXx #
  • Fish in a barrel episode. #
  • Loving @levarburton on Community. Brilliant. #
  • Another successful deployment with @marktmcbride. Thanks for your wise help. #
  • Really enjoying the Aaron Lewis album Town Line. Pick it up March 1st. #
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