2011-03-19 Twitter Digest

  • Why, hello rainy day. Please feel free to become sunny and dry. #
  • New episode of 'The Event' tonight. Yes, I'm actually getting excited over a TV show. #
  • Comfuzers are so fun, yet so annoying. #
  • Who wants to tell Hardees that A+ is not a Microsoft certification? HR must have written the ad. #
  • Imagine, stalking elk past department store windows and stinking racks of beautiful rotting dresses and tuxedos on hangers; you'll wear leat #
  • You're seeing a whole team of psychiatrists aren't you? #
  • Attacking the Internet's Core | SecurityWeek.Com http://t.co/FtxGFr6 via @SecurityWeek #
  • …baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past… #
  • Shhh, their vision is based on movement. #
  • New GPG Key: FBD8 1E33 B92D A19E 5760
    33EC 25A2 B2BD 797A 1F66 #
  • Should hear from another prospect today or tomorrow. #
  • Woot. Getting ready to schedule round 2. Presumably the final round. #
  • Duke and UNLV, FTW. #
  • The Southwest bracket is hosing me. Had Vandy to the sweet 16. #
  • FFS…Dieting Sucks: The First Day http://ping.fm/PMY9x #
  • I enjoy technology. #
  • Has anyone seen 'My Soul to Take'? #
  • Mizzou, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and St. John have failed me. #
  • Nothing like the kids getting out early to make you hate working until 5. #
  • Anyone else have children who do not appreciate anything you do for them? #
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