Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-04-20

  • So, has 4/20 ever been important? Pot heads seem to think so – film at 11. #stupidcrap #
  • The sign said 'long-haired, freaky people need not apply'… #
  • Go try out Groupon. Mostly useful in larger cities, but if you use my referral code, I get credit. http://ping.fm/KIIn0 #
  • Survey: Who ate saltine and cheese 'sammiches' as a kid? #
  • So, we had rain, some wind, the power blinked, and now we carry on. Typical weather. #
  • Hope everyone else is unscathed. The Vern is fine as frog's hair. #
  • Can YOU SSH into your home computers? *snicker* #itsageekthing #