2011-05-14 Twitter Digest

  • The hunger, it has come for me. #
  • No matter how often I try, I fail. #
  • Only I could make Subversion complicated. Typical over-thinking like I always do. #
  • Apparently, Facebook's update Tuesday has gone quite poorly. #
  • SSH proxies are so convenient. #
  • Just a small town girl #
  • Hello. I am stuck in meeting-land today. Feel free to leave a message. #
  • Time for the next meeting. Free STL Bread Co, but I wouldn't *really* call it free… #
  • Mad at the world for no reason. #
  • Enjoy my $100, St. Louisans. #
  • Applied, accepted F-Aid, registered, Skype-d with advisor, and awaiting class supplies list. I love living in the future. #
  • Beginning operation: Actual Operation. #
  • Why buy the best seats in the house so you can text all night? #
  • And the Lord took the NyQuil and saw that it was good. #
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