Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-08-03

  • Happy WiFi Day! #
  • elect idiots who do nothing for us, and keep making themselves and their homies rich?

    I was hoping for default, but that couldn't happen. #

  • Well, the debt level we are letting our kids get f*cked over with by politicians that WE elect got increased again. How stupid are we to #
  • They waited just long enough to drive up their gold investments, sell, and then invest in the stock market which should rebound nicely #
  • Sorry for that last string of tweets. I only meant to update G+ and FB. #
  • Thank you to all my new Twitter followers. I'm boring, opinionated, sometimes quiet, and a geek. You're welcome. #
  • Senate Panel Keeps ‘Secret Patriot Act’ Under Wraps | Danger Room | Wired.com http://t.co/IUCDzSq #
  • Just a note that if you @charter, you will get help from some great folks at Charter Communications. #